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Another Year for the Books.

What an incredible year of change at Westcoast Family Centres Society. As we reflect on another successful year, we are filled with gratitude for the dedication of our staff, volunteers, and funders. It is through their ongoing support and commitment we continue to provide strength-based services and programs towards strengthening relationships between children and their families and between families and their communities.


Our multi-service organization continues to deliver child-centered, evidence-based, family-focused programs, respecting the dignity and integrity of all family members. Our programs and services include Family Preservation & Reunification, Co-parenting Support, Supervised Access Visitation, and other therapeutic interventions.

“Thank you for your support and judgment-free help. You helped make me understand myself as a person and what I do deserve. You made a big difference and I will continue to get help and support to better myself for me and my daughter.
— WFC Client

We are building community connections.

90% of clients feel their experience was helpful.


Our Family T.I.E.S. Workshop services delivers workshops for parents, guardians, caregivers, community practitioners, students and professionals.

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Parents and Community Practitioner Participants

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Parenting Education Workshops


Our community programs and workshops include various topics to strengthen relationships between children and their families, and families and their communities. These programs are funded by our generous supporters and are offered for FREE to members of the Lower Mainland community.

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Number of Participants


“Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
I will forever remember this help and support.” 

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