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Supervised Access Visitation

We are experienced with the complexity of families. This program helps ease the tension of access and visitation arrangements for children and for either custodial and non-custodial parents or relatives. We offer a safe and family-friendly setting where visits and exchanges can take place under the supervision of a trained staff.

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Who is this program for?

For families with children (ages 18 and under) who require a neutral third party to facilitate the visitation and access of their child(ren) in a supportive, educational environment.

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What is therapeutic supervised access?

This is a goal-oriented access visitation program. Our highly qualified staff provide parenting guidance and interventions during the visitation. Clients discuss skills and strategies to target concerns such as behavioural development, appropriate discipline strategies, and overall appropriate expectations. Goals are highlighted upon intake among all parties involved.

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What happens during a supervised access visit?

We are here to provide a safe and secure environment for all parties involved. Depending on the conditions discussed during the intake process, visits can occur in specific locations or in the community. We provide an unbiased and objective approach while monitoring access visits. Through observation, both positive and problematic parenting behaviours will be documented. Our staff will intervene when there are child safety concerns, such as negative parenting behaviour or emotional concerns, or as determined by the court order.

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What is the process?

A court order for supervised access is preferred but not required. If there is no court order, the parents must have a signed written agreement. Each adult participant must complete an intake interview and agree to follow policies and procedures before using the service. All services are pre-arranged. Dates and times of access visits and exchanges are determined by the availability of staff and the facility.

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What are the outcomes of supervised access?

- Provide healthy parent/adult-child interaction in complex family situation.
- Provision of a safe and neutral environment for separate parenting parties to connect with their child.
- To provide reports of factual observations about the participants’ use of the service.
- Identify and execute parenting goals to build a stronger connection with your child (Therapeutic Supervised Access Only).

How do I get started?
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Fees* $75 per hour and $200 one-time intake processing fee

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