Words from our clients


Family T.I.E.S. Workshop Testimonies


“My WFC Counsellor continues to be essential at this time to promote peace, health, and safety (emotional) for our young child and family as a whole. The non-judgmental attitude has contributed to building trust”

“After an abusive 7 years, WFC gives me hope”

“Thank you for everything. My WFC Counsellor helped me in so many ways! I’m a new improved person because of this program and the staff is so helpful”

“I am grateful for WFC and Canada for helping me feel less isolated. I know someone cares about me and my children”

“Our Counsellor had demonstrated a vast knowledge and understanding of child development and relationship stability. I believe that her coming into our lives has made a tremendous difference and strengthened our longevity as a couple”

“Westcoast kept me from falling apart and kept my family together”

“Our WFC worker is extremely respectful and very knowledgeable in what she does. I could see that during our time together she really wanted us to learn and understand the skills she was teaching because she knows that using these skills in our family daily life makes for a happier home”


“SO HELPFUL! I loved how much you reminded us that what we’re experiencing is normal and that we’re doing a good job - cannot hear that enough! I loved your confidence and humor and well-organized information”

“This workshop affirmed that my child is normal and gave me strategies I could take home!”

“I learned new ways to help my children grow emotionally”

“This has been an excellent program! I really enjoyed all the materials that were taught/covered. As a new parent, it’s great to get insights and guidance on parenting. Thank you so much!”

"I learned new ways to help my children grow emotionally"

“The instructor was well prepared, she made the participants feel calm and she had good knowledge to share”

“I had a positive experience in this course and would recommend to other parents”

“I really enjoyed the workshop, listening to others helps keeps one’s own problems in perspective. Also the ability to get advice from people who are sharing similar problems”

WFC Parenting Programs


“I learned that there are ways I feel empowered and better able to control elements of my separation situation than I previously realized. I am more aware of what my children may be feeling and how to provide opportunities for them to express their emotions”

“I always try my best to play and educate my kids but sometimes I forget the main things like, waiting for the kid's response, adding new words, repeating the play, etc. After taking this program, it reminds me again to be patient and learn new techniques. Thank you!”

"It was a nice, interactive workshop and the instructor seemed knowledgeable and understanding of any comments & questions we had"

“I learned not to be so hard on myself. Sometimes relationships don't work out and the healthiest thing is to leave. That doesn't make me a failure”

"I learned to pause and breathe"

"As social service professionals many of us assumed we already know about this topic but in reality there was SO MUCH great information we gleaned from today"

"Real life strategies to walk away with and use in daily life. I'm leaving with small, achievable goals and nothing felt overwhelming or daunting"